Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Isabelo's Garden - The secret AWESOME dinner place!

Looking for something new to dine in? Isabelo's is just that! In a secluded quaint place in Marikina is an unassuming property that doesn't even try to be anything... Lo and behold upon entering the place, it was jampacked with a lot of happy faces as they savor the food served to them!

I don't blame them! Once I got to take a bite of their crackling pork, my smile was from ear to ear... I am a foodie and not a chef so all I can say to describe this dish is it's a very unique version of crispy pata with your not so ordinary sauce of vinegar and soy... there are actually choices that make the pork unique in taste for every dip that you try. It doesn't stop there, the chicken in/with orange is another one to die for! I am a coffee and dessert fiend. And the key lime pie I think was the piece 'd resistance! 

As I said the place is unassuming, The set up is rustic and out in the garden, with pretty different colored tivoli lights and interesting brick a bracks decorating the wooden sheds. 

There is a painting studio (no-smoking area) with different oil on canvass flowers, and other still life subjects. I would say it's perfect for couples, it's something different for barkadas (they serve imported beer) and ideal for families as well since the kids can run around in the garden safely.

As I write my last paragraph on my first ever blog, i realized that I don't have great pics of the food or myself actually eating there... you just have to take my word for it... and before I end I leave you with this tip... visit http://www.isabelogarden.com/ she has better pictures of the menu and very true to advertising!

Oh and the main reason why you should log on is you would have to reserve and pre-order the food because the owner prepares the ingredients and cooks it herself, then goes out of the kitchen and gives you a courtesy call! talk about personal touch! I love it!!! And i'm sure you will too!

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