Monday, July 30, 2012


I never knew of the ghost month, August has always been a good month, heck it's the month I was born. It's a rainy month, and rain is good, it signifies a downpour of good luck! Hell no! Not in 2011.

In Chinese tradition, it is said that the gates of heaven and hell open to let Ghosts and Spirits including those of our ancestors mingle in the realm of the living. And as such, no important decisions are to be made. This pertains to contract signing, moving houses, getting married, even swimming since it is believed that spirits occupy water as well. Being born on that month is not part of the list, although now I wonder.

Not to fret, the Chinese are specific, this 2012 Ghost month starts on August 17 and ends on September 15, so it is within those dates that we are to heed. 

What can you do to counter? Nothing! We can only placate them. For the souls of our ancestors we burn incense, we offer food, and if you want to take it to the hilt, burn paper mache shaped like jewelry & clothing. Just make sure you do this outside your house! For the lost souls, offer lit floating lanterns.

What was it in 2011? That was the year that I made a major decision to invest with someone, who now I am sure has an evil spirit, she promised the world (just like how satan was tempting Jesus) using flowery words on how my money will grow, the spirit of greed overtook me, I'm not ashamed to say. Greed can cloud many a judgement. In the end, the flower garden promised turned out to be a bushel of thorns and the devil who promised is nowhere to be found.

And so this year as August closes in, I am covering all my bases, there's no harm. I like the smell of incense, there are many variants to choose from depending on the mood. I will meditate more, more prayers to be said, more thanksgiving for the blessings received. The food, well, I just have to be careful with the rodents, the spirits will not like gnawed fruit being offered to them.

And to the lost souls of the dead and the living, I shall light a candle to guide you towards a better direction.

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